The road less traveled is a great road, especially when it’s a twisty one! After spending 15 years in suburban Atlanta, Kevin & Stephanie moved back to the area where they first met – far northeast Tennessee (It’s Bristol, Baby!) – to be closer to the mountains. ¬†Whether riding two-up, alone, or with a group, the people you meet and the things you see RollingOnTwo are unlike like anything else.

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  1. Wow, I love the extra video from the TV channel. Also like the go pro on the bike. Just some observations: The roads are in excellent condition! not many pot holes. When I went, I thought the roads were awesome but I thought that was because we on the “inter-state” and conditions would be worse on the minor roads but they all look good. Let’s hear it for bell towers. If we would have had wrist watches back then, we wouldn’t need the beautiful towers. And isn’t it amazing architecture? and without skill saws, drills etc.


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