Day 7: Venetian Islands

Burano ItalyToday we took advantage of our 48 hour vaporetto passes and sailed to the -rano islands (Burano & Murano).

Well, no wind power was involved, but it sounds so much classier than “putted along the lagoon packed in with our 100 new friends”. Burano is known for 2 things: hand-made lace and brightly colored buildings. The town got its start in the fishing industry, and the houses were originally painted different colors so the fishermen could easily distinguish their homes as they returned with the day’s catch. Eventually the authorities got involved; to paint your home, you must request a list of permitted colors.

Again, it’s a fishing village, so our seafood lunch was wonderful!

In the early 13th century, Venice required that all glass foundries be moved to Murano, citing fears that fire could consume Venice’s (mostly) wooden structures. Over 50 foundries are still in operation. The shops don’t allow photography and the buildings are mainly brown, so we have no pictures from that island (but we do have glass – packed for transport, so no pics until we get home).

We ended our day with another vaporetto ride up the Grand Canal, starting at twilight and ending in full dark.

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    • Funny you mention Blenko from W. Virginia. On the train from Siena to Firenze, I Googled most train stops as we passed. On stop was Empoli Italy, the ‘other’ Italian glass producing town. Quick searches say it is often mistaken for Blenko.


  2. Brings back great memories from our trip to Italy a couple of years ago. You guys are looking great! We’re enjoying watching your progress! Fai buon viaggio! Felice motociclismo!

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  3. So excited for you, I enjoy reading what you’ve been seeing and doing each day. Such an experience of a lifetime for you both! Safe travels.

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