Day 2: Rome (in a day)

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and we couldn’t get there in a day either!  After a rain delay caused us to miss our flight in Charlotte (as we stood at the gate, glaring at the closed door of OUR plane with 30 peeved off soon-to-be-Amazing-Race-style rivals for seats on other planes), be rerouted to Rome via Heathrow, spend 8 hours wandering the halls of the the airport and arrived in Rome late Thursday night, we begin our trip with day 2 – Rome. Continue reading

It’s Go Time!

  • IMG_20170524_132229Yep it’s go time, but not to Rome – yet. Due to weather in Charlotte and other shenanigans, we now get to visit London, or at least Heathrow. Theoretically we’ll arrive in Rome around 2200 on Thursday rather than 1000 – not bad considering that we get to experience another country along the way. I wonder if airport fish-n-chips are representative?