Day 7 – Last day in Yellowstone and on to Teton (we think)

Our trip south from West Yellowstone was a wash out. We even left early to get a couple side trips in, but the cold rain was quite a bit to handle.

We got to the hotel at 11:30am and were able to check in to one room. While waiting for the other rooms, we had plenty of time to drink…I mean eat lunch at a great taqueria and shop around town. The rest of the group camped out on the front stoop of the hotel to pass the time.

There was a late break in the clouds so Terry, Bob, And Kevin/Steph did a spin along the Snake River in to Idaho and over the Teton Pass back to Jackson.

We’ll head out in the morning to backtrack a bit so we can actually SEE the Grand Tetons.

Thanks for following as we roll on 12!

Day 6 – Steamy and dusty – another day in Yellowstone

House on the way to Yellowstone that was on a weird house TV show

We left Cody this morning after a great stay at A Western Rose Motel. If you are ever in the area, consider Brenda, Mark and their team. It’s an old-style motel that is super clean, they care that you are there and do anything to help make your time in Cody memorable, including taking one in our party horseback riding.

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