Day 4: Where are Kevin and Steph?

A friend of ours suggested that we put some pictures of US enjoying Italy on the blog.  I guess he has a point.  Everyone has seen pictures of Michaelangelo’s David statue, but have you seen Kevin and Stephanie with David?  I think not.  So, here’s today’s version of Where are Kevin and Stephanie – Firenze edition.

The day started off with a morning train from Siena to Firenze.  There was a neat old coal steam train going for a joy ride out of the Siena station, so we got a picture with it.

2017-05-28 Siena Train Station_steam

Riding the train always offers great people watching and today was no different. Today was the first day we used an electronic ticket, so we were not sure how that would go when the train agent asked to see it.  It was no problem.  But not everyone was concerned about having the proper documentation.  A train inspector showed a group the door (luckily for them, at the next stop) as they did not have tickets – and did not seem to care that they did not have tickets.  I have no clue what he was telling them, but a stern voice translates in any language.

We got off the train and started our trek to the hotel.  As you can see in the picture from Siena, we each have a backpack – no other luggage.  That is a blessing as we go down these bumpy roads, sidewalks and navigate the crowds of people  We see too many folks struggling with their rolling luggage.  Glad we are not.  When we rounded the corner to our hotel, the Florence Duomo and Baptistery took my breath away!  Luckily, it’s right outside our hotel window.

We went to The Uffizi Gallery and The Accademia Gallery today to see many great works of art, too many to list really.  But we got a few shots with them.

We ended the evening with an amazing meal in the Santa Croce area of town.  This is the first night we both have had pasta for dinner – Kevin had tortello pasta with stewed boar and I had a pici pasta with sausage and black truffles.  So different than a pasta meal back home.  I often wonder how they would feel about Italian food in the US.  🙂  The town is easier to navigate than Rome for sure, but we took the long way home, stopped for gelato (2nd time today) and found a nice piazza with a carousel.  No, we did not ride.

Tomorrow will bring laundry day and another great day in Firenze.

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