Day 14: Lazy day in Alba


Alba – City streets

Today was a lazy day exploring Alba on foot.  The town has beautiful streets that are easy to wander, get lost, have lunch outside on the square, dinner at a wine bar, and gelato on the way home.


With the slow paced day, we had time to edit a bit of yesterday’s GoPro video of West of Parma and Riding near Montescano.  Please excuse the harsh editing – I don’t have my Mac!  🙂

Tomorrow, we are back in the saddle heading south. Buona notte!



6 thoughts on “Day 14: Lazy day in Alba

  1. Well, there are some rougher roads in Italy. I don’t know where the Snake is but it looks like a twisty. Twisty roads…go ten miles back and forth to get one mile straight on. Looks like fun if you get in the groove.

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  2. Thanks for the are making me want to have a bike again….maybe 78 is to old for a crotch rocket..I would love to of had the Lambo on those windy roads.
    Have a great time.

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