Day 17: Bologna, Hot – Internet, Not!

Revenna Italy - Basilica di Dan VitaleToday, we headed down to the coastal towns of Ravenna and Remini on the Adriatic Sea. The route was a “get there” route which had a ton of Autostrada. Kevin has learned to fit in with the locals and, when traffic on the Autostrada slows, motos head to the SOS lane, or shoulder. It is amazing how clean the shoulders of the highways are in Italy! 🙂

Ravenna is known for it’s amazing mosaics and the walled town did not disappoint. You’ll feel like Aunt Steph has come to your house to show the slide show of her trip to Italy once we get normal internet. For now, you can get a couple photos just to know we are still alive!

Bologna is known for it’s food and tonight reminded me why we wanted to stay here so many days. I won’t bore you with the details of the amazing crustaceans and tuna that we ate, but I will let you know about an amazing discovery! Meloncello!IMG_20170610_221539 Like Lemoncello, but orange and much more delicious!

Today’s ride was 92 degrees and it should be equally hot tomorrow. We’ll tour around Bologna, staying in the shade of the fabulous porticos and pray we have internet, but quite honestly, I doubt it. We are burning through data plans on SIM cards like you would not imagine!

Buona notte!

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