Day 22: Percorso Caprino – a ride from Arco to Bormio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur Italian lessons did not teach us a word for today, so I looked it up. Percorso caprino – goat path.

Yesterday, we laughed at all of the signs of tornate – today we would have welcomed the warning.  The Gavia Pass MAY have been 8 feet wide and in that 8 feet fit cars, motorcycles, bicycles and delivery trucks.  Kevin said it was a once in a lifetime experience – emphasis on once.  There was more traffic on this road than we could have imagined.  Negotiating an hour’s worth of unmarked tornate with a 14% grade and oncoming traffic in your lane, if you can call it that, made for an interesting experience.

Since this is a motorcycle ride report, I can tell you we rode our motorcycle to a fantastic lunch in Bormio at Vecchia Combo.  After the morning ride, wine was in order, so I had one of the local favorites.  🙂  We shared Sciatt – the first time we’ve seen that on a menu.  This dish was a bit of white cheese, covered in a light buckwheat flour batter and fried and served with a perfectly oil/vinegar dressed salad.  What you ended up with was a beautifully pillowy nugget of goodness that just oozed when you cut it, but it held it’s shape!  The vinegar on the salad cut the richness well and made for a perfect way to start our meal.  For our meal, we had a short ribs and sausage with cheesy polenta.  The rich pan juice from the ribs with the polenta – I’ll probably dream about.  This by far was the best non-pasta meal we’ve had.  We rode our motorcycle away after we finished lunch.  😉


After lunch, we tooled around Switzerland for a bit and beat the rain back to Bormio.  Different from our first pass into Switzerland, we knew we were entering it, but not that there was a sign or anything.  On the way into Italy, there were border agents stopping cars and bigger vehicles.  We were acknowledged for the first time at a border, but waived through.

The rain Gods were good to us today and we hope they keep shining on us – literally!

More good news on the administrative front – internet still blows.  So, when we get home, you might to get to experience 30 more days of tales, pictures and videos!

Buona notte!

4 thoughts on “Day 22: Percorso Caprino – a ride from Arco to Bormio

  1. So did you ever find out where all the pigs are raised for all of the sausage that you have been eating? Beautiful country.


  2. How are you going to be able to leave the food, throne, the scenery & the lifestyle. I’d be very tempted to stay! HOT back in JC.

    Jim Fox

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