Day 5 – Hot and steamy – Yellowstone

Today, we rode Chief Joseph Highway again to Cooke City , topped off gas (they are still not welcoming of business) and headed into Yellowstone. Just outside of Cooke City was our first buffalo sighting. It was a bit close to the road for my liking, but did not mind that we were there. Thank goodness most our motorcycles sound like vacuum cleaners.

Riding into Yellowstone from the NE entrance allowed us to go through the Lamar Valley. Absolutely worth it because we saw a ton of buffalo, far and near- like crossing the road.

The calves are the cutest.

We stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs and some of us were more interested in walking in the heat (temps were 73, but the sun was HOT). We’ll see those pictures in the recap post! 🙂

Kevin & Kyle at Mammoth Hot Springs!

Kevin and I are all the gear all the time…until now. We wore pants under our riding pants and took off the heavy stuff as we toured the park. We would have passed out otherwise!

The Norris Geyser was more accessible and interesting how they are so hot, but their mist is so cooling.

We had packed our own sandwiches from The Breadboard in Cody and stopped in the park for lunch in the shade. There was a rushing stream nearby, so that added ambiance.

Our last stop was the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and we took a peek at the rushing falls.

Tomorrow, we’ll head back to the park and out the west side to West Yellowstone!

I’m finding it tough to blog because the hotel stories are so much more interesting !

Good night and thanks for following us as we roll on 12!

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