Day 26: The Fat Lady is Warming Up


Morning farewells to Giovanna & Maurizio

We had to say goodbye to Arabba today and head south toward Milano. Maurizio and Giovanna wanted us to ride with them, but as their vacation is just getting started, they were headed north to Austria.


While the Sella mountain passes were the most beautiful of all the Dolomites (at least in my opinion), today was easily our most fun riding day. It seems like everyone went home on Sunday, so we had the roads virtually to ourselves as we took SR203, SP346, and SS50 over Rolle Pass. It was a clear day, but Cimon della Pala still appears as a shadowy blue in the photo below. We continued to encounter tornate, but the wonderfully smooth pavement also offered up many of the s-curve twisties to which we’re accustomed in the states. We traveled past still, deep lakes and through dense, quiet forests, winding up in Limone sul Garda on the western shore of Lake Garda.


Tomorrow we head to Milan to return the bike – sigh.

Buona Notte!





5 thoughts on “Day 26: The Fat Lady is Warming Up

  1. Thanks for the great photos and stories . Now I can say I have been there too. Can’t wait to ride Tn. and N.C. hills with you.See at Bob Evans. Gary


  2. I have really enjoyed coming on your trip…thank you for sharing a look at another side of this world. Did you ever find out where all the pigs are? Love ya


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