Day 27: 17 days, 17 years – Still getting full body laughs – Limone sul Garda to Milano

Have you ever laughed so hard, that you full body was involved?  I mean, from your head to your belly to all of your body?

I have been fascinated with the cattle here – wondering if they were beef cattle or dairy cattle to make the amazing cheese throughout Italy.  I kept asking him to stop so I could take pictures.  Kevin’s mind – thinks differently.  As we were rolling today and I was talking about the cattle, here’s what I hear:

Kevin: If I had those 2 cows, you know what I’d name them?

Me: No clue.

Kevin: Peace Prize and Alexander Graham.


Kevin’s cows – Peace Prize & Alexander Graham


I am always amazed how his mind works.  

Today was the last day with the bike in Italy.  It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 17 on the bike, 27 in Italy.   We headed southwest from Limone sul Garda to Milano.  If there is a mountain pass to ride, Kevin will find it.  Our last pass of the trip was Vivione Pass, which featured the narrowest road we traversed on the whole trip:

Vivione Pass

Not our photo

I was more concerned with hanging on than taking pictures, so the above image is someone else’s. You get the picture 😉

When we reached the top, it opened into a broad meadow:

Going back down the other side was more very narrow tornate – I think I’m tornated-out for a while!

Limone Sul Garda

Tomorrow we explore Milan a bit.

Buone Notte!

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  1. Saw some “roads” like that when we were in Italy about 7 years ago. Also saw some skillled/daring/crazy Italians on bikes &!scooters tearing them up! Views are gorgeous again. Enjoy Milan!


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