Day 1 – Dead Presidents, live animals and a Crazy Horse

Thankfully, Terry, Kyle, Matt, Amy, Kevin, Jim, and Bob had patience with me with this first (of many) group photos!

If the first day is any indication, we are in for a great trip. We had a leisurely morning and left around 8:15 and went right to Mt. Rushmore. We opted not to park and view the monument, so a couple drivebys took care of our curiosity.

We hit the twisties on Iron Mountain Road, including the famous pigtail bridges (not our photo), on our way to Wildlife Loop Road. The loop afforded buffalo and pronghorn sightings. Then we retraced our way back up Iron Mountain to catch the views of Mt Rushmore through the tunnels.

Next we headed to Custer for lunch at the Custer Wolf. While everyone enjoyed their meal, I think the Buffalo Brisket Sandwich stole the show!

After lunch, we rode Needles Hwy – twice – before wrapping up our day with a visit to Crazy Horse Memorial.

Saturday morning, we head out toward Gillette, WY. Thanks for following along as we roll on 12!

Post Trip Edits:

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