Day 7 – Last day in Yellowstone and on to Teton (we think)

Our trip south from West Yellowstone was a wash out. We even left early to get a couple side trips in, but the cold rain was quite a bit to handle.

We got to the hotel at 11:30am and were able to check in to one room. While waiting for the other rooms, we had plenty of time to drink…I mean eat lunch at a great taqueria and shop around town. The rest of the group camped out on the front stoop of the hotel to pass the time.

There was a late break in the clouds so Terry, Bob, And Kevin/Steph did a spin along the Snake River in to Idaho and over the Teton Pass back to Jackson.

We’ll head out in the morning to backtrack a bit so we can actually SEE the Grand Tetons.

Thanks for following as we roll on 12!

Post Trip Edits:

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2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Last day in Yellowstone and on to Teton (we think)

  1. Rain or shine ( but shine IS better) Yellowstone and the surrounding area is one beautiful vista after the other.
    Keep he shiny side up and ride like the wind!!!


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  2. Bummer about your day. Rain is bad enough but cold rain sucks! Look forward to the Tetons, Grand indeed!


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