Day 8 – Fog, moose, photos and wide open space

We got ready early in Jackson to make up some ground we lost with the rain yesterday, but the mountains were socked in with fog…so we waited.

A quick trip over and back on the Teton Pass between Jackson and Victor, ID helped some folks add another state to their motorcycle adventure list.

At the bottom of the pass, Wilson WY had signs posted as if a moose had been seen in the area . Matt and I had been on the hunt for a moose all week – Kyle had seen some females in Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone the day he separated from us.

And as we were almost through town…MOOSE!!!! Yelling for everyone to pull to the right shoulder, we became those people that cause a traffic jam because we are looking at wildlife. It was spectacular- a moose chomping on some greens in the woods!

Wow- that was awesome!

Our research did not fail us as we went to Schwabacher’s Landing in the Tetons for views that make the most novice photographer feel like a pro! I can only hope a picture is worth 1000 words because the way the mountains, trees and clouds reflected on the beaver pond as better than a photoshopped image! Unreal!

Before leaving the Tetons, we were able to go back up Signal Mountain Road to see the view of the Teton Range and surrounding valley from above. All of us felt at home with the sharp twisties in the trees as we headed up the mountain. It was a beautiful way to take in the mountains and valley we had ridden in. After soaking in the Tetons, we headed east toward Lander WY.  The openness of Wyoming surprising each time we hit it.  No gas stations, houses, or any signs of life for miles.  And when you do see a car coming, it is miles away from you.  We’ve taken to looking for Pronghorn Deer as the activity to pass the time…anything to keep the ride more engaging than the landscape.

Saturday, we head to Gillette WY again where Terry will split off and start his ride home.  He’s pleased that his tires will make the whole trip.

Thanks for following as we roll on 12!

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  1. We’ve ridden a lot of those same areas and the scenery is hard to beat! Glad that you all had a great time


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