Day 9 – Fat trout and a hot furnace

After a great stay in Lander WY, including a meal at Cowfish, we headed out for Gillette WY.

Our first stop was Sinks Canyon State Park outside Lander. In the area, the Popo Agie River disappears into the mountain and emerges 1/4 mile down the road.

In the other end, there’s a calm pool of fat trout that you can feed, but not fish!

Heading further East, our only hope to cool off was the south side of Bighorn National Forest. The 20 degree difference was short lived as it was time to get on I-90 and head to Gillette. If I ever doubted that I was not a ‘ride-for-the-sake-of-riding’ girl, riding 100 miles in 104 degrees temps with wind gusts that almost bring your helmet off your head reinforced my comfort in trailering first long distance rides. To each their own.

Settled in Gillette, we picked up dinner and ate in the hotel lobby.

Sunday is our last day on the motorcycle as we head back to Rapid City. Thanks for following as we’re rolling in 12!

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