Day 28: Saying goodbye is never easy! – A day in Milan

Madonnina - inside Duomo di Milano - Milan ItalyIt seems only fitting that for our last day in Italy, we visited the Duomo di Milano.  On the tallest spire and with a replica inside is a statue of the Virgin Mary – Madonnina.  It is said that “the Madonnina’s protection is offered to whoever finds joy in looking at her, anyone who gazes at her and takes a moment for reflection.”

The Vatican in Rome was, well, The Vatican. The Florence Duomo was breathtaking with it’s pink, green and white marble.  The mosaics at the Ravenna Duomo were like nothing you’ve ever seen.  The largest in Italy, the Duomo in Milano has so much statuary and intricate spires, you just can’t quit looking at it. No wonder it took 600 years to build (okay, not just because it was intricate, but there were some issues with the contractor and such.)  Once inside, the stained glass at every turn shines every color of the rainbow depicting stories from the Bible.  Simply amazing!

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Last night we repacked all of our gear, reshuffled to fit purchases and decided how much room was left to shop in Milan today.  Milan Fashion Week just ended, so the city is all a-buzz and eating pasta like you read about.  Okay, may not that last part.  It’s an interesting town with so many shops, how do you choose where to go?  I figured it out!  😉

Tonight, we’ll rest, relax and get ready for the journey home.  After getting settled at home, we’ll each reflect and write about the various aspects of our trip, show you more pictures and edit the heck out of some riding video.

Thank you for coming on this trip with us! Buona notte!

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6 thoughts on “Day 28: Saying goodbye is never easy! – A day in Milan

  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us – it’s been great fun living vicariously through you two. Looking forward to riding with you soon!

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  2. Leaving isn’t easy. This trip has replaced the summer reruns on TV. I will miss the Rasmussen reality show. It has been a treat. Thank you!

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